Paul’s new release, “Parallel Lives”, is to be given an early launch on both Bandcamp and Minm, arriving on those platforms on November 4th – one week before it comes to other streaming sites.

“Despite our ideological differences, I’m delighted to be back on Bandcamp as a platform”, Paul says. “And I was made aware that a Bandcamp Friday event is taking place on November 4th, so it made sense to launch the track in tandem with that. I also opted to put it up on the Irish-based streaming service Minm that same day as they have a business model where the artists receives a far greater share of the revenue splits than on other platforms. They are lesser-known as a music streaming platform, so anything I can do promotionally to make the public more aware of them I’m happy to do.”

Bandcamp Friday is an occasional day-long event where the platform waives its revenue cut and the artist receives 100% of music sales. You can visit A Band Called Paul’s store on Bandcamp by clicking here.

Minm, the music streaming platform, can be found here.