Paul today announced some details about A Band Called Paul’s next release, “Parallel Lives”, which is due out on November 11th.

“I may have a habit of prefacing each release by saying that it’s quite different to my other stuff, but in the case of ‘Parallel Lives’ it’s extremely apt. This song sounds like nothing else I’ve ever done, not just sonically but stylistically. For a start it’s quite downbeat, pensive and ambient. My vocals are very much to the fore in the mix, but I haven’t entirely dispensed with the type of musical texturing that you may be accustomed to hearing. It will probably come as a surprise to many, but hopefully a really good one.”

With Paul recently returning to the Bandcamp platform, it’s possible that the track will be initially released there ahead of being available on the usually streaming platforms. As with most updates, we’ll announce any further information on that via Twitter (