With minimum fuss, Paul has dropped a new track exclusively on Bandcamp. It’s one that has been in the works for some time and was mentioned by Paul on social media as being “insane”.

The track originated some 12 months back in the immediate aftermath of dark period for Paul. Believing it to be a bit too experimental, it was shelved – but not before being put live on Soundcloud for a few hours with Paul asking for feedback from anyone who cared to listen. The best feedback received was simply “f*cking insane”. And, yep, that summed it up. The track was made private again on Soundcloud but, fortuitously, left there.

Shortly after the release of “Parallel Lives”, Paul listened back to the earlier “Nothing Left To Give”. It still sounded pretty mad, but there was something in it. After sitting with it for a few days, and getting fresh ideas for it, he decided to start work on it once again. For a couple of weeks it seemed that the original master tapes had been lost during a catastrophic hard drive failure in 2022, leaving only the export that was on Soundcloud. Paul started the process of recreating the track from the elements he had, but it wasn’t quite the same and it would never be the same. The moment captured in the original was lost. Then one night, while looking for something else, the entire folder was found lurking on an archive backup drive and work began in earnest to complete the track using the original masters and bringing the fresh ideas to it.

What you hear now is the result and we hope it retains that sense of being “f*cking insane”.

“Nothing Left To Give” is available now on Bandcamp … https://abandcalledpaul.bandcamp.com/track/nothing-left-to-give