"I Believe" by A Band Called Paul and JoeliD

JoeliD and Paul’s unscripted Instagram Live chat viewed by over 12,000 world-wide

On Saturday 21st August, Joel and Paul held an experimental Instagram Live chat. Not having done anything like it before, neither artist had any idea what to expect nor if anyone would tune in to watch. It turns out that over 12,000 people did.

Intended only as a means of exploring how the medium works, Joel and Paul did not advertise the live chat much. But what started out as a technical reconnaissance mission turned into a spontaneous global and public show enjoyed by a huge number of people. Over the course of their unscripted and unprepared hour-long chat, the pair discussed their two collaborations to date – the debut “Breaking Through” released in March 2021 and the gospel/reggae/funk hybrid follow-up “I Believe” released in August 2021.

The full chat is archived on IGTV if you’d like to grab the popcorn and check it out:

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