Glasgow-based English artist “GLU” and Dublin’s “A Band Called Paul” have released their first collaboration exclusively for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp this morning.

The result of a chance encounter on Twitter, “Long Way Down” is a track that builds from a gentle, emotive intro to a powerhouse finish of what Paul describes as “throwing musical furniture”.

The unlikely collaborators had shared an exchange on social media that blossomed into numerous conversations over DM, ultimately leading to the decision to work on a track together. GLU sent Paul an instrumental piece that he’d been working on, written mainly on bass and guitar. Paul added lyrics and a vocal line, structuring the track in the process before adding loops, drums, keyboards and more guitar so that they both produce the dynamic build to the song.

It’s available now on Bandcamp at this link – – and comes to Spotify, Apple, YouTube etc. on Friday 25th August.