We’re delighted to announce that Dublin artist Rhesus Freak will shortly be releasing “Cabin in the Woods (A Band Called Paul Mix)”, Paul’s first foray into producing other artists’ music, on all platforms.

What started life as a singer/songwriter track of vocals and guitar got the full “Paul” treatment recently in a remix that creates an expansive, textured landscape behind the track’s vocal parts. Introducing slow beat grooves, percussion, cello, violin and bass guitar, the version arranged and mixed by Paul is a rich and atmospheric accompaniment to the track’s wonderfully narrative lyrics.

“Cabin in the Woods” by Rhesus Freak will be coming to Spotify and YouTube in the very near future. Check back here, follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/aBandCalledPaul) and/or follow Rhesus Freak on Twitter (https://twitter.com/RhesusFreak) for further updates.