“Cabin in the Woods (A Band Called Paul Mix)” music video launched

The music video for Rhesus Freak’s “Cabin in the Woods (A Band Called Paul mix)” officially landed on YouTube today during a Zoom launch hosted by Deirdre Kelly and featuring Emma Pearson (a.k.a. Rhesus Freak) and Paul McDonnell (a.k.a A Band Called Paul) who talked about the creative process behind the track from a songwriting and production perspective respectively.

The track itself is A Band Called Paul’s first venture into producing, arranging and mixing a track for another artist. He has this to say about his involvement …

When I first heard “Cabin in the Woods” I was immediately struck by the quality and craftsmanship of the songwriting by Rhesus Freak. In my head, however, I heard the track being played out in a different style and with different instrumentation to the original – a new texturing that I believed would bring out an interesting musical tension between a sweetness of sound and the darkness of lyrics. I’m delighted that Rhesus Freak was open to letting me pull apart and rebuild the track and I believe the resulting remix is truly special. As a performing artist myself, I also found that wearing the producer’s hat while layering texture and mood to someone else’s core composition was a very liberating and creatively fulfilling process. I’m really looking forward to doing more production work with other artists in the future, including further collaborations with Rhesus Freak.”

In addition to his work on the track itself, Paul also shot and edited the accompanying music video which was filmed both in studio and on location in the grounds of Howth Castle in north county Dublin.

Here is the music video in full …

The track can also be heard on the following platforms …


Apple Music:


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