Today, we release our new trans-Atlantic collaboration with American rapper Joel I.D. exclusively in our online store.

The track can be previewed here:
And it can be purchased in either MP3 (320kbps at 48k) or uncompressed WAV formats here:

About “Alive”

At a time of global uncertainty, economic crisis and high profile acts of violence, Dublin’s A Band Called Paul and Arizona’s Joel I.D. join voices across the Atlantic once again to create “ALIVE” … an anthem for those who find themselves needing support on their journey back to mental health.

Written and recorded at a distance of 5,000 miles apart, “ALIVE” is a remarkable and unique progression from the hugely successful previous collaborations “Breaking Through” and “I Believe” from the Irish indie rock artist A Band Called Paul and American rapper Joel I.D.

Building in distinct phases, “ALIVE” evolves from a starting point resembling chamber music rap through a somewhat reflective harmonised vocal swing-jazz development before bursting into an exhilarating combination of indie rock, rap and modern dance.