Dublin-based “A Band Called Paul” and Glasgow-based artist GLU have announced their first collaboration “Long Way Down” which will be released on Bandcamp August 18th and everywhere else on August 25th.

In a tweet on Sunday, Paul confirmed the project, which the duo have been working on for a couple on months while operating in relative secrecy. “It was important for me, at least, that we worked under-the-radar on our first venture together as we got to know each other as people and as artists. To operate at my most creative, I find it important to have a good, open and personal relationship – to understand those with whom I’m working. Myself and GLU fell quickly and effortlessly into a close relationship as we worked together and I believe what we produced as a result such a superb piece”.

Sharing the writing and performing on the track, Paul takes the lead vocals that sit on an instrumental bed originated by GLU and reworked together.