“Cabin in the Woods (A Band Called Paul Mix)” music video launched

The music video for Rhesus Freak’s “Cabin in the Woods (A Band Called Paul mix)” officially landed on YouTube today during a Zoom launch hosted by Deirdre Kelly and featuring Emma Pearson (a.k.a. Rhesus Freak) and Paul McDonnell (a.k.a A Band Called Paul) who talked about the creative process behind the track from a songwriting and production perspective respectively. Read more

“Pass It On (‘Swing’ Demo Version)” drops exclusively on Bandcamp

Without fanfare, pre-saves or even a music video, A Band Called Paul has just low-key dropped a very different version of their track “Pass It On” exclusively on Bandcamp. Read more

Rhesus Freak’s “Cabin in the Woods” releasing 1st June, 2021

Irish musical artist Rhesus Freak is releasing Paul’s remixed version of her track “Cabin in the Woods” on 1st June 2021 on all major digital and streaming platforms. Accompanying the release will be the YouTube premiere of the music video for the track which was also directed, filmed and edited by A Band Called Paul. Read more

"Breaking Through" by A Band Called Paul and JoeliD

“Breaking Through” is released on all major platforms

Our “Indie Rap” collaboration with JoeliD is now available to stream or purchase on all major platforms including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, BandCamp and Amazon. Read more

“Cabin in the Woods”, arranged and produced by A Band Called Paul, is coming soon

We’re delighted to announce that Dublin artist Rhesus Freak will shortly be releasing “Cabin in the Woods (A Band Called Paul Mix)”, Paul’s first foray into producing other artists’ music, on all platforms. Read more

"Breaking Through" by A Band Called Paul and JoeliD

“Breaking Through” now available exclusively on Bandcamp

We’re excited to announce that our latest release, an Indie Rap collaboration with JoeliD called “Breaking Through” is now available exclusively on Bandcamp. Read more

Brecon Indie Reviews: A Band Called Paul put under the microscope

Reviews of two tracks, by three reviewers each from the #BreconIndieReviewerTeam, were published to Twitter today. Read more

"Breaking Through" by A Band Called Paul and JoeliD

“Breaking Through”: Paul and JoeliD chat to Big Mike on the Mic

Both Paul and JoeliD took the opportunity to chat with Big Mike on the Mic, based in Atlanta, Georgia, about their upcoming collaboration release “Breaking Through”. Read more

Interview with Michael’s Music Blog

Today, an interview recorded by Paul with Michael’s Music Blog in Atlanta, Georgia, was published to YouTube. Read more