1Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives

Intimate. Tender. Lyrical.
Everything you weren’t expecting.

“There is a searing, emotional quality to the vocal that is compelling in a song that ultimately is a song of hope. There is a feel of ambient music that is a departure for A Band Called Paul. It takes courage for an artist to step off the familiar path when the songwriting demands it. A real change of musical direction for an artist who’s not shy of taking risks.”
Phil Thomas, UK music reviewer

“I love this track. I’m on my fourth listen and it’s got me singing along. It’s a beautiful piece of work.”
Shaun D. Charlton, Musician and Radio Presenter

In his latest solo release, Dublin’s A Band Called Paul takes yet another stylistic about-turn and delivers an uncharacteristically visceral and downbeat ode to relationships that have gone distant over time.

From the cinematic, ambient opening until the track breaks rhythmically halfway through, Paul delivers a tender and direct emotional address identifying “the space growing wider between us where we used to play”. His is an existence hurt passively over time, in which “the deepest tears fall when there’s no one to hear” from which he ultimately seeks reconciliation.


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