1Nothing Left To Give

Nothing Left To Give

I had decided to release this track with no fanfare, no fuss and no promo, believing it to be very much a standalone oddity. Releasing it exclusively on Bandcamp, I said it probably won’t make it to streaming platforms and it definitely isn’t being sent out to radio or press. Following the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve had to it since, maybe I underestimated its potential. Now I find myself backtracking and allowing it to become a legitimate release in its own right.

The track itself captures a brief period of absolute insanity for me … a place and time to which I’ve no desire to return. But I did find it a cathartic process to produce this “experimental” track, to put it mildly, in the immediate aftermath.

It lay dormant for about 12 months, before I rediscovered it and listened back. There was something in it, but it’s definitely an outlier in terms of my other material.

I hope somebody somewhere also finds something in it.

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