1Long Way Down

Long Way Down (with GLU)

An off-the-cuff comment on social media has sparked this unlikely collaboration between Glasgow based English musician “GLU” and Dublin’s “A Band Called Paul”.

“I’d posted this rather risqué little tweet trying to drum up support for my single”, recalls Paul, “when I got this equally risqué reply back from a complete stranger that made me laugh. We started some banter, which led to direct messages and checking each other out. Before we knew it were talking about a collaboration together”.

The spontaneous relationship also came as a surprise to GLU. “He gave some of my electronic tracks a listen and really enjoyed them, so I suggested I send over an instrumental track that I’d written mainly on bass guitar. He absolutely nailed lyrics and a vocal take in no time, adding more percussion and a trashy drum track on what has now become the chorus of the song. I loved it.”

The easy union between the pair can be heard in the seemingly effortless way the shared song “Long Way Down” builds from a gentle, emotive introduction to a powerhouse finish of what Paul describes as “throwing musical furniture”.


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