1Hold You (with GLU)

Hold You (with GLU)

It’s a song about loss.

At some point, we each lose a loved one in our lives. And naturally we seek comfort in reliving the more tender and intimate moments that had been shared.  “HOLD YOU”, by GLU and A Band Called Paul, paints the picture of those times when we immerse ourselves in the memory – the sensory presence – of someone no longer with us.

Following on from the 2023 release “LONG WAY DOWN”, “HOLD YOU” is the second collaboration between Glasgow-based musician GLU and Dublin’s A Band Called Paul. Once again, the two artists crafted the song in remote locations, with GLU supplying the initial musical foundation of the track in a recording of interweaving stereo guitars onto which Paul put a vocal track before, together, they crafted the other instruments to build in intensity as the powerful emotions of the track mature.

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